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You've read what we're about, so now you'll want to contact us, yes?

Meanwhile, common questions include:-

Is it legal to go naked at the beach (or elsewhere)?

In New Zealand, there is no statute law proscribing nudity. But unfortunately, that doesn't stop those unaware of this from calling the police or local council. Also unfortunately, there are members of both those organisations with no understanding of our legal status, and also some with a negative attitude toward nudity per se, who simply assume 'it must be illegal' and behave accordingly. For our part, we promote a strong etiquette among our membership, which is aimed at both minimising complaints, and in particular; supporting the comfort and safety of women and families.

Can we take pictures or videos at a free beach?

Legally: it depends...! In New Zealand there is a law proscribing the recording or publishing of 'intimate images' without the subject's permission, in a situation where one would have a 'reasonable expectation of privacy' - toilets, bathrooms, showers, etc. On a public free beach, effectively, it depends on whether anyone recorded may be identifiable in the recording. So first, ask. If anyone is seen behaving suspiciously with a recording device, it is quite likely that others there may take some form of direct action!

Where can one go besides beaches or clubs?

Apart from amenable spots along rivers or around lakes, there are several resorts around the country (eg: Katikati Naturist Park and WaiNatur) along with 'homestays' (essentially naturist-friendly people interested in hosting guests). Many of these can be found under 'locations' in our extended site. There are also repeated events run by some regions of Free Beaches, especially at local pools in some towns.

Isn't nudity bad for children?

A moment or two's reflection easily confirms that could only be true if a parent (or culture) has taught a child to react unnaturally to mere nudity. (Which happens, of course.) Until they go to school, children are generally natural nudists; but this often changes under the peer-pressure of schoolmates tending to reflect attitudes picked up from their parents, TV and society at large. But every scientifically-based investigation into this question has concluded that the effect on children of exposure to 'mere nudity' shows that at worst there is no discernable harm, and that generally such children are better balanced, more confident and have measurably better self-esteem, than their textile-laden peers.

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